Gorilla 3D Framework Alpha Release

Hoy se ha anunciado la versión Alpha de Gorilla 3D Engine para Delphi Firemonkey. Poco a poco se van despejando las dudas sobre su potencial y especificaciones.

Según la web oficial se podrán desarrollar aplicaciones y juegos para Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS y Linux.

  • Skin-, Skeleton- und Vertexanimations for 3D Meshes (Key-Animations)
  •   Integrated and fast Q3 Physics Engine (with collision detection)
  •   Materials: textures, bump-mapping, vertex-color, phong-, blinn-, lambert-materials, water and reflection
  •   Loading complex multi-mesh models with UV-textures
  •   Logical model management (independent from FireMonkey tree), to manage a large amount of meshes and to instanciate separatly
  •   Optimized mesh generation in multi-mesh models: number of vertices reduced to the necessary vertices
  •   Flexible particle-system with influencer-classes (up to 100K particle at runtime)
  •   Shadow-Volume rendering
  •   Multipass-Rendering
  •   Depth-Of-Field
  •   Skybox-support
  •   Terrain rendering: from height-maps and procedural algorithms (Diamond-Square, Perlin-Noise, ...)
  •   New Point3D-, Quaternion-, Transformationsmatrix- und VertexKey-Animationen
  •   Multitrack AudioManager (threadsafe)
  •   AssetsManager with packaging system
  •   Flexible dialogue-system: load, save and edit at runtime
  •   Fast 3D model loading
  •   Compatible with existing FireMonkey components
  •   Platform-independent: WIN32, WIN64, ANDROID, iOS, MACOS, LINUX-x86 (by third-party product usage
  •   Formate: G3D , X3D, X3DZ, OBJ, STL , DAE, FBX
  •   Dynamic or static meshes supported
  •   Skin-Animation (Keyframes)
  •   Skeleton-Animation (Keyframes)
  •   Vertex-Animation (Keyframes)
  •   Vector-Animation
  •   AnimationManager for handling multiple animations per model
  •   Animation-Caching 
  • Compressed Caching - information is stored as zip or lz4 (win32) stream in memory
  • Uncompressed Caching - more memory usage, but unbelievably fast!
  •   Normal- and BumpMapping
  •   Gaussian, Lambert, Phong, Blinn-Phong (textured)
  •   VertexColor
  •   Water-Material
  •   LayeredMaterial
  •   NodeMaterial (experimental) with FlowChart-Editor
  •   Runtime-Shader: Design, load & save shader material at runtime
  •   Variance-Shadow-Mapping (experimental)
  •   Shadow-Volume Rendering with multiple light sources
  •   Simple create a MultiPass component and attach to viewer
  •   Reusage of MultiPasses possible to reduce rendering
  •   Already in use for water and depth-of-field rendering
  •   High performance particle-system with shader integration
  •   Manipulate every particle very easy by influencer classes
  •   Randomization parameters configurable
  •   Extendable material shader for individual particle handling
  •   User interactive particle emittance, f.e. at mouse position
  •   Included influencers: gravity, wind, path, traktor, obstacles...
  •   Physics on obstacles (spherical, cubic and meshes)
  •   Template particle-systems for fire, smoke, rain, snow, waterfall, eruption, explosion, ...
  •   Generating from height-map image
  •   Randomization possible
  •   Procedural generation by: diamond square, mandelbrot, perlin-noise (linear, cosine and cubic), plateau algorithms
  •   Resolution configurable
  •   SkyBox
  •   Water-Surface
Q3 Physics Engine
  •   Box and sphere colliders
  •   Accuracy configurable (lower accuracy means faster calculation)
  •   Up to 1024 colliders without great performance loss
  •   Easy binding to Firemonkey 3D controls
  •   Interactive physics world manipulation
  •   Much faster than compareable physics engines
  •   Mesh-Collider (experimental)
  •   Terrain-Collider (experimental)
  •   Particle-Collider (experimental)
  •   Separate thread usage (experimental)
Multitrack AudioManager
  •   Audio-Precaching for realtime playback without loading latency
  •   Thread-Safe implementation: play audio from any thread
  •   Simultaneously audio playback possible
  •   Looped playback, f.e. for music tracks
  •   Complex & flexible design in tree structure
  •   (Un)lockable items
  •   Crosslinking of items possible
  •   Set question, answer or floating item display time - for fast-reaction games
  •   Design of dialogues & monologues with colloquist information
  •   Multilingual system easily definable
  •   Auto-language selection
  •   Set variables to implement gaming elements
  •   Set parameters to interact back with your game/application
  •   Events for: showing text and images, playing audio, video and animations, executing method calls, property settings, redirection & more
  •   Events with different scopes: dialogue item, UI-element, gaming element
  •   Pause, stop and skip dialogues and items
  •   Storable as single or multiple dialogue files/streams (dynamic loading possible)
  •   Storeable in xml format
  •   Loadable from xml file/stream
  •   Readable and understandable xml format, to outsource design & management of dialogues.
  •   Fully customizable in Delphi
  •   Free DialogueDesigner inside the Gorilla3D engine
  •   Create dialogues, items and events simply by drag & drop
  •   Move, rearrange and delete items & events
  •   Configure every dialogue, item and event in detail
  •   Treeview for easy dialogue navigation
  •   Preview dialogues in sandbox viewer
Inventory (experimental)
  •   Complex & flexible inventory management
  •   Create item templates, groups and manufacturers
  •   Items with thumbnail and preview models
  •   Groups with thumbnails
  •   Multilingual system easily definable (f.e.: for group/item names)
  •   Item groups to categorize your elements, f.e.: weapons, notes, keys, ...
  •   Items can up- and downgrade
  •   Manufacturers to setup crafting and item combinations
  •   Multiple items manufacturable and quantity manageable
  •   Craft items in editable time in asynchrone backend thread
  •   Items and groups with max quantity management
  •   Items and groups with weight management
  •   Collect items pooled or each as single instance
  •   Collect items in dependencies, f.e. only if you have collected an ax, you can collect wood
  •   Set variables to implement gaming elements
  •   Set parameters to interact back with your game/application
  •   Preview inventory in sandbox with test-UI
  •   Handle easily models, textures, audio files & more
  •   Reuse assets for faster loading and less memory usage
  •   Packages for modularizing your application
  •   Group assets for handling your media even in large packages
  •   Just-in-time loading of packages possible (load assets when they are needed)
  •   Stored as zip-archive for transparent content management
  •   AssetsManager Tool with media preview: manage your packages easily!
  •   G3D (Gorilla3D-Format): full support incl. skin-, skeleton- and vertex-animation
  •   DAE (Collada): full support incl. skin-, skeleton- and vertex-animation
  •   X3D: full support incl. skin-, skeleton- and vertex-animation
  •   X3DZ: full support incl. skin-, skeleton- and vertex-animation
  •   OBJ (Wavefront): triangle and face import
  •   STL (Stereolithography): triangle and face import
  •   FBX (Autodesk): triangle, face and polygon import

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